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Reema Dinesh Bhanage -X Bby Reema Bhanage - XB

Our world is ruled by fuels. People have used fuels for thousands of years, but in the last century we have started to consume it in large quantities. Fuels are the source through which a substance is burnt or heated. The use of fuels is increasing day by day. The sources of fuel such as wood, coal, petrol, kerosene are getting depleted at a very high rate. Doesn’t this question arise in your mind, ‘’Will the future generations be introduced to fuels?’’ According to my calculations the answer is ‘no’. Because the rate at which the fuels are getting depleted is very high. It is our primary duty to save fuels.

It is said that tiny droplets of water build an ocean. In the same way our small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change. In a few sectors where people still use chulhas, theyuse wood as fuel. Trees are chopped off for procuring wood which has a detrimental effect on our ecosystem. Trees play a vital role in the functioning of our ecosystem. So, the government must embolden people to use LPG. This dominant step will abolish the use of wood as fuels. As I mentioned earlier, our small efforts can make a big change, saving a few drops of petrol will be a considerable step towards saving fuel.If we do not push the accelerator down too far at least some amount of fuel is saved. Yes, this is true, so always accelerate your vehicle smoothly. One of the important petrol or diesel conservation steps include checking the tyre pressure or sticking to the speed limit. It is always tempting to turn on your ac round the year. But if the weather is cool you don’t need to turn on your ac. This will help in saving fuel. There are limited sources of fuel and we need to preserve them for future generations. Or else we will be named as a selfish generation by our next generations. It is our prime duty to save them. The only way we can preserve them is by using alternative sources of energy. The alternative sources of energy include all the renewable resources. Instead of hydroelectricity, solar energy can be used. We all must be knowing, in Tamil Nadu the world’s largest solar power project is under execution. This will make our country power surplus. Atomic power plants is a substitution for thermal power plants as atomic energy causes less pollution. Also petrol and diesel consuming cars can be replaced by electric cars. These cars run on electricity and are the best method of fuel conservation. The Tata company has recently launched electric cars in the market. Using public transport can also save fuels to a large amount. Carpooling must also be encouraged. Recently the government has made it mandatory to not use vehicles which are older than fifteen years. As the engines become old they start to consume more fuels.

We consider that our country will be a developed country in the next few years. But what if there are no sources of fuel? We would need to import more fuel from the foreign countries. In such a case, most of our income would be spent on purchasing fuels. So we need to conserve fuels for a better future. And yes, the fuels can be saved. There are various tips and suggestions to save fuel. Do not burn fuel as they release toxic and carcinogenic gases in the atmosphere. To save fuel all we need is people’s participation and togetherness. After all it is our duty to keep our planet healthy. Hence we all must follow the rules of sustainable development. Conserve fuels for a better future.

Fuel Conservation - Aditya Tekchandani

Small steps of fuel conservation

Can make a big change

Aditya Ajay Tikchandani - VIII B- by Aditya Tekchandani – VIII B

Unless all the people in the world conserve and use renewable sources of energy, the problems related to pollution and environmental degradation cannot be solved. Blue skies and green grass, we cannot have as long as we use excess of fuel. The aftermath and fallout of the excessive use of fossil fuels has adversely affected man. Our environment is like a gigantic balloon of transparent substance in which we have our being. When this balloon was created it was filled with pure wholesome gases. However, the black and poisonous smoke from the burning of fossil fuels has damaged this beautiful balloon to such an extent that reclaiming it to its pristine purity and beauty is impossible. Man, the foolish creature, fails to see that his very existence depends on this balloon. Man’s perception about the indispensability of the environment must change, otherwise the balloon will burst and his own existence will end with it. It is a known fact that carbon dioxide gas released when fossil fuels are burnt, is one of the primary gases responsible for global warming. Rise in temperature of the Earth has resulted in melting of polar ice caps, flooding of low lying areas and rise in sea levels. If such conditions continue, our planet Earth might face some serious consequences in the near future.

Besides damaging the environment, air pollution can result in asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders or COCP and lung cancer. Long-term exposure may increase respiratory infections in the general population. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to fine particulate matter and other airborne toxins.

Sagacious and frugal use of fossil fuels in the direct need of the hour. The present rate at which the fossil fuels are being used is quite alarming. Nothing will be left for the coming generations. Now the question arises ;”Are we to leave a planet totally devoid of fossil fuels to the coming generations?” We will be called a highly selfish generation, if we don’t leave fuels for the future generation. We need to put our acts together. We must follow the principles of sustainable development. After all it is our responsibility to bequeath a healthy and prosperous planet. Let’s take care of our planet and use the fossil fuels wisely and frugally! If each one of us uses fossil fuels sagaciously along with using renewable fuels, we can do much in saving our environment as well as future for the coming generations.

The best option in front of us at present to tackle the problems posed by the fossil fuels is the option of using alternative sources of energy. The ever increasing demand for energy cannot be met by fossil fuels. It will lead to environmental collapse as well as utter depletion. Renewable sources of energy are the best bet in the scenario. And what can be a better renewable resource than the sun? Besides, it is a renewable and clean energy source. Taking both environmental and economic cost, solar energy works cheaper than fossil fuel resources. Once we master techniques to harness solar energy, it can be a vital source of power across the entire planet.

The rise in economic activity and the burgeoning population have led to a tremendous demand in the transport sector, especially in urban India. In the near future, India’s urban population is expected to grow fivefold to a staggering 200 million; rural population will also grow alarmingly. With this tremendous growth has emerged a very critical issue of keeping air and noise pollution in urban areas under control. The viable solution to the above mentioned problems is the use of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads. EVs will reduce pollution by 16 lakh metric tons. The Government must promote and encourage people to replace their pollution causing vehicles with smart zero-emission vehicles. For this the Government must make stricter laws to protect the environment. The Government must also provide subsidy on these smart vehicles.

In conclusion it can be said that if we have to conserve our fossil fuels and save our health and environment from the adverse effects of using fossil fuels, frugal consumption, and replacing the fossil fuels with alternative sources of energy are absolute musts. We must switch over to them as early as we can for a brighter, healthier and safer future!

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Celebrating Ganapti Festival

Celebrating Ganapti Festival at VPM’s Vidya Mandir, Dahisar

English Primary Section. Video Compiled by Anuya Shinde


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SUDHA MURTY - Manasi Shetiya

- by Manasi P. Shetiya Std. VIII-C.

Sudha Murty is a writer in Kannada and English and a philanthropist.  She was born to a surgeon Dr. R. H. Kulkarni and Vimala Kulkarni on 19th August 1950 in Shiggoan in Karnataka.
Sudha Murty usually writes books based on qualities such as charity, hospitality and self-realization.  She has written 2 travelogues, 2 technical books, 6 novels and 3 educational books.  She is a prolific fiction author in English and Kannada.
She as written several books such as ‘Samanyaralli’, ‘Mahashweta’ and ‘Asamanyaru’in Kannada  as well as ‘Old Man and his God’ ‘How I taught my grandmother to read’ and ‘Wise and otherwise’ in English. Sudha Murtyhas received ‘Attimabbe Award’  for her literacy work.
Apart from being a writer she also started ‘Infosys Foundation’ an institution that supports underprivileged sections of society. She is the Chairperson of it.  She is also a member in public health initiatives of Gates Foundation.  Sudha Murty was the first female engineer to be hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer ‘Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company, (Telco).
SudhaMurty is the wife of Narayan Murty, an eminent IT industrialist and co-founder of Infosys.

ISRO - Manasi Shetiya

- by Manasi P. Shetiya Std. VIII-C

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)  was established by Dr.Homi Bhabha and Dr.Vikram Sarabhai in the year 1932 to conduct space research in India.  Dr.Vikram Sarabhai was the 1st Chairman. Many difficulties such as partition of India–Pakistan, instability of political powers were overcome by the team to start ISRO. 
ISRO has total 13 centers in India and Bangalore is its headquarters.  ISRO  launched its first rocket from Thumba, on the western coast of India.Sriharikota, the launching station in the eastern coast of India was established in 1971.  Dr. Abdul Kalam was one of the key figure who inspired ISRO to take up its mission to Moon and Mars and India came to be known as the first country in the world to reach Mars successfully in the first attempt.
ISRO launched 23 PSLV rocketssuccessfully.  India has not only launched 65 Indian satellites but also 29 foreign ones from the Indian launching station.
On 28th April 2008, ISRO made a record of simultaneously launching 10 satellites mounted on PSLV - C 9 Rocket.  ISRO has completed its 100th mission successfully in Sriharikota.Dr.Satish Dhawan was the Chairman of ISRO from 1972 - 1984.  He was on this postfor 12 years.  He carried out pioneering experiments in rural education, remote sensing and satellites.
Only eight countries in the world conduct space research independently and we must be proud that India is one of them.  ISRO  is planning to launch HySIS, a full fledged niche EO satellite.  Let’s wait and see the success of that too.

‘Mad math’- Anusha Newrekar

-by Anusha V. Newrekar - VIII A

Of digits and numbers
Of yawns and slumbers
Of additions and subtractions
Of decimals and divisions
Of calculations and expressions
Of endless boring versions
Of circles and squares
Of constant nightmares
Of simultaneous equations
Of continuous frustrations
Of trapeziums and parallelograms
Of dreadful tests and exams
But with a good teacher
Math can be a subject of fun.

Sweet mystery - Anusha Newrekar

- by Anusha V. Newrekar - VIII A

Satya accompanied his father to the sweet shop, which belonged to his father’s friend, Mr.Ashok .
Mr.Ashok was distraught. Someone had kidnapped his son Rohit the previous evening while the boy was waiting for the driver to pick him up from school. The kidnapper had demanded a ransom and had also warned him against going to police.
“Satya, go take a look around while I talk to Ashok uncle,” his father told him. Satya was disappointed. He was curious to know what had happened to Rohit, who studied in his school but was his junior.
Satya peeped into the kitchen at the back of the shop. Several men were preparing sweets and discussing Rohit’s disappearance. Satya was all ears.
“Ashok sa’ab got exactly what he deserved!” grumbled a lanky man.
One of the men making badaamhalwa saw Satya and gave him an enquiring look. “I have come with my dad to see Ashok uncle” said Satya. “Can I watch you make sweets?”
The man nodded. He had a huge packet of almonds and tins of ghee near him.
“Dad says almonds are very expensive!” remarked Satya.
“Yes,” replied the man. “I keep them next to me to make sure that no packet is stolen.”
“Why, did anyone steal them recently?” asked Satya.
The man told him how an ex-employee named Nandu was fired just a fortnight ago for stealing them.
“The fellow had been stealing them for months! Being a diabetic, he stole only the nuts, never the sweets,” said the man with a laugh.
Satya heard the same lanky man yell at someone. “Who’s that?” asked Satya.
The man added a huge ladle of ghee into the halwa and explained that he was their grouchy supervisor. “Always complaining about his petty salary and cursing Ashok sa’ab,” he said.
Just as he was wondering if the supervisor had anything to do with the kidnapping, Satya heard his father’s voice outside and quickly left the kitchen to join him.
“Where have the kidnappers taken Rohit?” Satya asked his father on their way home. “No idea,” replied his father. “One of Rohit’s friends saw a hefty man dressedin black and wearing a hat give Rohit a small box and soon after, he saw Rohit get into an auto with the man. “This means that the supervisor is not the kidnapper,” Satya told himself.
The next day, Satya walked to the auto stand near the school. He described the man and Rohit to the drivers there and asked them if they had seen the two.
“Yes I did,” replied one driver. “When I dropped them off, the nasty man thrust two greasy, soiled 100 rupee notes in my hand. Ugh!”
He took out the notes from his pocket and showed them to Satya. They reeked of ghee! Satya asked the driver to take him to the place where he had dropped them. The auto driver took him to a deserted, old ramshackle shed. The door was locked. Satya got in through a broken window at the back. A box containing badaamhalwa and a medicine strip lay on the floor. He heard some muffled sounds and walked into a tiny, filthy room. There he saw Rohit tied and gagged in one corner. Quickly, he untied him.
A scared Rohit blurted out how one of the men who worked at their shop had brought him there. “I can’t remember his name,” he said. Satya had a hunch who the kidnapper was. “Let’s get out of here quickly!” he told Rohit. Pocketing the strip of medicine, he ran out with Rohit. The auto was still out there.
On the way, Satya stopped at a pharmacy. He showed the tablets to the pharmacist who told him that they were for diabetic people. Satya immediately called up Ashok uncle from his cell phone and said, “The hefty man who kidnapped Rohit is Nandu. Uncle, please inform the police so that they can catch him when he returns to the shed.”
“How did you know it was Nandu?” Mr. Ashok asked Satya when he brought Rohit home.Satya told him about the box of halwa he found there and showed him the medicine strip. “The kidnapper is diabetic and so is Nandu,” he exclaimed.
Meanwhile, the police called saying that they had nabbed Nandu. They wanted someone to go over to the police station to identify him.
“Thank you, Satya!said Mr. Ashok with tears in his eyes. “These two boxes are for you! They contain the best of my badaamhalwa.

StudentSpeak - Shrey Jaitapkar

clip_image002- by Shrey Sunil Jaitapkar- IV- B

Good Morning everybody.

Today, I am going to speak on the topic – Importance of Sports

Physical activity is essential to the health and development of a child. Sports and games are very important for us because they keep us healthy and fit. They offer us a change from monotony of daily life.

Sports is an important and integral part of a student’s life. Sports foster team spirit among the participants and make them disciplined.

Being involved in sports activities benefits a person in many ways. It creates a perfect balance between physical strength and mental capacities. So, sports doesn’t provide only physical strength however it increases mental power too.

Outdoor sports such as football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, running etc. help in improving physical health and mental fitness.

Academics and sports are the two sides of the same coin. Sports provide stimulation for study and for hard work.

Inclusion of sports in the curriculum of studies is, very important in modern times “All work and no play” makes Jack a dull boy. We want Jack to become a bright young man. So, we must make sports compulsory in education at all levels, so that our approach towards the sport may be sincere, not casual.

“Sound mind in a sound body” is an unavoidable particularly for young students.

So, let us take an oath today that we, all will participate in outdoor games and make our body strong, fit and fine.

Drawing by Rajas Bhange

Loksatta published Rajas Bhange’s drawing on 6th august 2017Loksatta drawing by Rajas Bhange

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Social Media debated - Anurag Joshi & Sakshi Valanjoo

Good morning to one and all present over here, I am Anurag Joshi of XC and I am going to speak a few words on the topic:

Anurag P. Joshi - X C_thumb[1]SOCIAL MEDIA: A BOON

Connectivity is probably the biggest factor that promotes an individual to get involved with social media. Even if I am in India I can be in contact with my friends wherever they may be.

It is beneficial for old people too, as senior citizens can be in contact with each other without disturbing the other members of the family.

Recently a terrorist named as Shahbad was encountered by our Indian army. When he uploaded his video on YouTube, his last location was traced by our army and then he was encountered and killed. Now India is not like as it was in the past, it is developing with a great speed. We have launched a project named as ‘I in the sky’. This means that India is the only country after USA that has its own independent GPS system. Though this system can’t be used by local people it can be used by our Indian army. So social media helps the army to keep a track on terrorist activities at the borders.

E-Commerce gives an individual a wider spectrum or a varied dimension related to the price, quality and rating of a product.If the customer is not satisfied by the product, he/she can send back the product or lodge a complaint and the amount paid is refunded into the account immediately.

Our P.M. had launched a blog named as NaMo India’. With the help of this blog one can be in touch with the P.M. and problems faced by the citizens are resolved efficiently.

Social media is also beneficial for the Upliftment of the villages. We all know that education is at the root of economic development and social media goes to the roots of India and educates the village folk. Farmers are taught innovative agricultural methods, effective use of fertilizers and seeds to enable them to get a surge in their profits.

Slowly we are observing a change in the attitude and the mentality of the people. Earlier the people didn’t respect women, but after reading messages and opinions on social media related to the girl child or gender equality we have started becoming broad minded. Every incident that happens is discussed. It is due to social media that the Honourable Prime Minister was able to successfully launch and bring into effect Demonetisation and the Voluntary Income Disclosure Scheme. India is marching towards becoming a Global Leaderand one of its allies is the Social Media.

So social media is helping us in the all- round development of the nation so according to me Social media is of a Boon to Society.




Good Morning to the respected judges & my dear friends.

Sakshi-S.-Valanjoo---X-B_thumb1_thumMy name is Sakshi Valanjoo & I am here to oppose my friends’ view. I believe that social media is a bane to the society.

I oppose my friend’s view about E-Commerce.

E-Commerce sites may dupe an innocent customer. It is difficult to ensure security & privacy of online transactions. Delays & wrong deliveries are frequent issues in E-Commerce. A customer had ordered Nikon DSLR and do know what he received? Instead of Nikon DSLR, he received Patanjali Soaps.

Recently, there was a case wherein 6 victims suffered from cyber bullying. It is a way of bullying someone by using electronic forms of contact. Through cyberbullying one can misuse the electronic information & mass media to harass & devastate people. It includes sending threats & obscene messages. The problem is that there is very little distinction left between the real& the virtual world anymore. Victims suffer silently from low self-esteem, depression & suicidal tendencies. A recent case concerns Varnika Kundu. She was kidnapped & assaulted by 2 stalkers late at night. Certain perverted individuals embarrassed her on social media by posting false pictures of her with the stalker.

Teenagers, are the most affected by addiction of social media. They spend hours everyday, updating their status and stories, uploading pictures, chatting with friends & what not. There is a desperate desire to check & share messages continuously. Therefore the focus becomes the digital world & a person becomes less engaged in the physical world of relationships. Health problems is one of the greatest issues created by social media. It leads to wrong postures, neck pain , vertebrae disorders, damaged eyesight, disrupted sleep & so on. Social media can put a company’s reputation at risk and easily ruin someone’s credibility. In December, 2013, a Lacoste employee lost his job for posting the confidential agreement on Instagram.

I also disagree with my worthy friend’s opinion on Anti-Terrorism. Terrorist organizations depend upon the open media systems of democratic countries to create pain & instill terror. They release threatening videos of beheading & such atrocities. The same connectivity which my worthy friend was extolling had proved to be disastrous to our country in the Taj Attack.

Online games are very attractive & addictive. Irritation, isolation, migraine, fatigue are the effects of these online games. The life-threatening game ‘Blue Whale’ includes dangerous levels & has struck terror in parental minds. The last level is to commit suicide & Harpreet Singh has been the first Indian victim.

Considering all the negative aspects of social media, I firmly assert that it is bane to society & must be curtailed.



Debate Team with their teacher Jyoti Honkote


They won trophies at Rotary Club Debating Competition

Religion debated - Niharika Sawant & Kunal Sakhrani


Niharika Vinay  Sawant - X B_thumb[1]Niharika Sawant X- B

‘What have you brought, that you have lost? What have you created, that got destroyed? Whatever you have to do, you have to do here, and whatever you have to give, you have to give here itself,’ Says a famous spiritual text.

When the existence of man started on earth, he was not aware of any rituals and customs to be followed. But with time, he started to feel that the forces of nature were his caretakers. He felt divine powers emerging from the sun,wind,soil andwater. Slowly and gradually man started to differentiate people according to their beliefs and this gave rise to ‘RELIGION.’

The literal meaning of term religion is ‘a community of people having similar beliefs’. As of now, there are 4,200 religions in the world.

If we go through ancient history, we come to know that many beneficial acts have taken place because of religion.Teachings of Buddhism made Samrat Ashoka stop bloodshed and violence and motivated him to adopt the path of peace. During the conflict era between the Mughals and Indians, Rajput ladies used to tie Rakhi to invading Afghans, thus creating a bond and reducing enmity. Religion gives a kind of shelter to all the distressed devotees, encouraging them to share their problems and this gave them mental support.

In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna stated ‘do good and don’t expect any fruit for your labour’. This quote tells us to stay away from unhealthy emotions and desires, like anger, jealousy, hatred, greed which are the biggest enemies of man. Because of the teachings of certain saints, man is afraid to perform bad deeds as he believes that he won’t make his place in heaven and will goto hell. As people fear God, they stay away from sin. All religions encourage honesty, charity and righteousness.

Religion by itself is not bad. Religion is the base of brotherhood. While giving a speech in Chicago, Swami Vivekananda started his speech by saying ’all my brothersand sisters’. Lokmanya Tilak organized Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals in order to bring equality in society. So, in a way, religion helps to enhance divinity in society. The castes and sub castes were basically created for smooth functioning of government.

Some anti-social elements, commit crimes under the name of religion.They explain that their religion tells them to do so. These people are misguided and have been brainwashed into committing acts of cruelty. Quran preaches that the gruesome acts of beheading, rape and enslavement are not allowed.Jesus tells that he will be with us forever.

At the end I would say, that religion, when understood and practiced correctly, is definitely beneficial to the society.


Religion is a Bane to Society

Good morning respected judges and my dear friends.

I am Kunal Sakhrani from XB. I will be opposing the views presented by my worthy opponent with my speech.

My worthy opponent stated that religion is a blessing. I disagree with this statement. Religion has not always been a blessing to our society. History’s most savage incidents took place when religion exercised a stronghold on the culture, some examples are the crusades , holocaust and the apartheid.

Religious beliefs are responsible for a great deal of prejudice and intolerance among people,nations and cultures. Attitudes of ,”You don’t believe what I believe so you are inferior or an infidel” have created animosity between people and neighbouring countries.

My worthy opponent stated that religion is the base for brotherhood. I disagree with this statement.

On 6 December 1992,members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal destroyed Babri Masjid which caused great humiliation among Muslims. Eventually a great riot broke out and countless people were killed .

I would like to ask you all a question,“Don’t we still meet superstitious people? Don’t we still come across innocent people falling prey to occult practices of so called godly men? I believe you all know who RadheMaa is. A fake woman who calls herself a godly saint. Recent cases of lynching of people, who were believed to carry beef and slaughter cows, have created havoc and fear in the society. Are these people truly spiritually inclined?

My worthy opponent stated that religion gives peace of mind, divinity and brings people together. I totally disagree with this statement. I believe that you all know what an honour killing is. Honour killing is the homicide of a family member because he or she has brought shame upon the family. In 2013, in Garnauthi village of Haryana , a young couple belonging to different sub castes was murdered as they had run away and were planning their marriage. But here is a shocker, this killing was approved by the villagers. What kind of religion permits you to take lives?

I would like to conclude by saying that where there is truth and righteousness there is no need for religion.

Thank You.

Tarun’s Drawings

- Tarun Mallya VII C




Festivals and Celebrations @Balodyan

Indian culture in the modern times is highly influenced by the western culture, but India's core traditions and cultural values remain intact. Nuclear families, career oriented parents and other external influences are keeping the future generation away from the Indian culture.

Celebration of festivals is the essence of Indian culture. V.P.M's Balodyan section celebrates all the Indian festivals in a traditional manner throughout the year. This helps in imbibing our traditional culture and values on the minds of the children. The children are also made aware of the importance of the same in the modern times.

Festivals like Ashadhi Ekadashi, Gurupournima, Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan, Krishna Janmashtmi, Ganesh Chaturthi were celebrated in a traditional manner with a great pomp and splendor in V.P.M's Balodyan section. The children were encouraged to be dressed up in traditional attire for each celebration. The stories related to the festivals were narrated to the students. The children also enjoyed singing songs and aartis on the occasions.

While adopting the new concepts and technologies, the students of Balodyan are closely associated with the Indian culture, values and traditions.



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Ganesh Chaturthi:

New Doc 2017-08-23 (2)_7

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AWARDS and REWARDS – Felicitation ceremony

- by Aaryaa Gholkar - IX C

It has been rightly said that ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it DSC_7026takes sweat, determination and hard work. These virtues are always displayed by the students as well as teachers of VPM’s Vidya Mandir School. The institution also believes in commending the performance of the students to inspire them to scale greater heights and accolade the efforts of the teachers responsible for the outstanding accomplishment of students.
As every year, this year also a Felicitation ceremony was organized to honour meritorious students. This year it flaunted a different grandeur as the venue was the newly decorated and furnished school hall. On the day of felicitation, the school hall was magnificently yet ascetically decorated. Proud parents of the achievers started to pour in at 5.00 p.m on 23rd July, 2017, to witness the ceremony. Chief guests Mr. and Mrs. Tawde arrived at the scheduled time and were welcomed with an excellent Lezim performance by a group of girls clad in traditional sarees.
The ceremony started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest who was accompanied by his wife, Principals of both Marathi as well as English sections and other dignitaries of the school. The programme was set in motion with the school choir melodiously singing a welcome song and a prayer. Thereafter the Chief Guest was offered a Bouquet and his formal introduction was given by Mrs. Mahimkar.
The prize distribution started with students getting scholarship certificates and cash awards. The teachers who had mentored the students through these exams gave a very inspirational account of their experiences with the participants.
Then the prizes for Elementary and Intermediate drawing grade exams were given, followed by felicitation of Cambridge students excelling in the course for improvement of English speaking skills, grammar, etc. Everyone was impressed on listening to the students of Marathi medium delivering a speech proficiently in English. In this felicitation event over 150 prizes were given.
The Principal, Mr. Sudhir Desai, gave a very motivational speech. Finally, the Chief Guest Mr. Hemant Tawde, who is also an ex-student of Vidya Mandir, gave a speech to children about enhancing their abilities and giving back to the society by way of selfless service.
After his speech the special occasion was concluded with a thanks giving speech by Mrs. Pratima Chawla and with the school choir singing the National Song.
The function was compered by Mrs. Sujata Hede and Mrs. Ujwala Shinde