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The Fun We Had Before the Science Exhibition

New Doc 4- by Urjit Kushalkar – XC

Hey guys, I started to type all this today because my teacher told me to write on it. So today's topic is about the science fair that we had last year… So I don't remember what exactly had happened the last year, but I can relate a few interesting incidents. So let's get started. This was the first day of the making of all this ‘decorating’ stuff. I remember that it was a Tuesday when I saw Pradnya’s dad and mum standing near one of the classrooms on the first floor. I, of course, to be polite, went to them and started to talk to them as they had always been good to me. So I inquired about why they were at school. They told me that there was going to be an Interschool Science exhibition. And here I was, always interested in helping others and also poking my nose into other people's business! They told me that they were going to make a model of a spaceman or an astronaut and a big Solar system. I was pretty much interested in this job. So I asked them if I could assist in this job and they were like, “Yeah, why not? Then it all started.

So first Uncle got a carpenter who got us a huge wooden frame of 6x6. And we put a humongous cartridge on it and started to paint it black. (of course, as the universe is supposed to be black) Till then I had thought painting to be an easy process but No…… it was not at all easy. We started to paint at 4:30pm and it lasted till 8:30pm. In all the excitement, I had forgotten to inform my parents that I was in school itself. And, you can imagine... they had imagined the worst. They were frantically calling everyone for information about me. And here I was, cool as cucumber, enjoying every moment. It had been quite a bit of work and we just left the board right over there to rest for the night. Even my favourite Westside T-shirt got marks on it!

Capture2Well now day 2… Well, this was going to be a rather interesting day as it had all the promises of being a day out of the classroom, involving every sort of activity except study. I woke up early in the morning all excited, had a bowl of cereals, wore my school uniform and stepped out of the house walking towards a new day. So when I reached school I took a look at the canvas that we had painted. It was in a good condition. I attended the school lectures and in the recess I came down to see whether Pradnya’s dad (Uncle) had come and to my delight, he had, and was sipping a hot cup of tea. I greeted him and after a while we took the board down and started to paint it again. Of course, this time, I had an old Reebok sports T-shirt with me so that I do not get anymarks on my school uniform. This time, Uncle chose blue as we have a bit of blue in the nebulae and in some galaxies. A boy named Shubham also joined us. We both helped to complete the galaxies. Uncle had made all the planets using different sizes of beach balls. Well, it was rather interesting to take a look at those balls as they were so amazingly painted with all those details in them. It was really wonderful. Then we helped him put all those balls, rather planets, on that piece of canvas. When we were doing this job our headmistress and our ex-supervisor came and applauded our amazing work. After this all was done I still waited in school. It was almost 3:30pm in the afternoon. I went to the school’s old staff room. And there were still students in there, they were making some superb charts. Over there I met another school teacher who requested me to help in the making of the charts. As I had no other work, I joined them. Over there I found out that some of my classmates were helping in the job.This was a very good example of teamwork. After all the charts were made, we went on the corridors and superglued them to the walls. They looked magnificent. So the work was all completed and we looked forward to the great day…

Now here it comes - the day. I woke up and got dressed up and came to school. There were many teachers there. Most of them were from our school and some were from, as I correctly recognized, from other schools. I remember that near the office we had a wonderful Rangoli drawn… It was of course of the man himself, the greatest scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. I remember that the canteen was set up on the ground floor, near gate no. 2. I remember that I just ( I don't know why I went down that very day to meet him) went down to meet our canteen head (informally our favourite Pandit Kaka and Kaki) and a magnificent sight greeted my eyes. It was another Rangoli! Well, it was not just a Rangoli but was a massive 12X12 feet creation of Art. It just gazed and gazed like Wordsworth, but alas, I cannot describe the sight in words. I just stood there for a few moments to let that amazing sight seep in. That was the day when I understood that my school… (Explaining it in words is nearly impossible for me). Well now the other school students started to arrive in their respective buses. We volunteers (of course not me, as I always like to work in the background ) started to help the other teachers. My friend volunteers, were helping all the students to setup their projects in their respective classrooms. The volunteers had to maintain discipline and could not afford to have any chaos or else… (you know what Shirke Sir will say). Well the place where the program was going to be held was now almost filled with students and teachers from different schools. I went to the music control and started to play some instrumental music so that the atmosphere stays pleasant. The program started at around 11:00am with the flight of the Tejas jet( It was made by our loving Tejas Sir, a born artist) and the Lezim and the other performances started. After this program was completed we all went to the center hall where the stage was set up. The Headmaster of the school said his welcome speech. There were some speeches by the other teachers.I was enjoying all this as I was constantly with the supervisor of our school, carrying all the bags and the papers for the speeches.There were 2 people, rather 2 interesting people, the Guest of Honour and the Chief Guest, a Scientist and an ex- Chancellor of Mumbai University, and I was very happy to hear them speak and help them to their car. Both of them had told us many things. Inspiring things. I had my camera with me so I have many of the memories in pictorial form. Well I don't remember much of the other two days except for the final day when my friends had a dance and an award function.

All in all, it had been a memorable occasion, one that will remain with me for many years to come.

StudentSpeak - If aliens took over the earth

Swara Ashish Sarfare - VII B- by Swara Sarfare - VII B

Hello friends, today’s topic for English elocution is very interesting, ‘If aliens took over the earth’, Oh! Wow!!

Friends do you remember Jaadu from Koi mil gaya?? This Jaadu was none other than an alien!! A very kind-hearted alien. Do you know what an alien is? It means a creature from outside the earth i.e. not a resident of Planet earth. Since years we have been listening to stories of aliens. Many people have claimed that they have seen creatures that do not belong to earth. Aliens are a never-ending subject for research. But still, if aliens exist and are planning to invade our earth, what will happen?

Jadoo-Koi-mil-gayaThey will first try to evacuate our earth by using their Sci-fi weapons which we have never imagined. They may also use nuclear weapons which we might not be ready to fight back. I can imagine them with a very monstrous look, like they can have eight legs or three eyes etc. They may destroy our earth or make us their slaves. They may build up their own communities and rule the earth. I don’t know how true these stories are, but if they are true, then our human race on earth is at stake. It is a question of our existence. A very frightening thought! We all need to be very alert and well-equipped to fight back the aliens.

I hope that aliens coming to Earth and alien wars will remain within the limits of T.V. serials and movies and we continue to enjoy them.

Thank you.

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Mohammed Zain - VII C - by Zain Mohammed – VII C

Once, a magician from North India visited the court of Krishnadevaraya and the King of Vijayanagaram and exhibited several magic tricks. He even showed one special trick in which he separated his own head!
After this the magician challenged the members of the court and asked whether there was anyone in Vijayanagaram empire to show such magic tricks. But there were none in the court that day to show any magic items. The king was ashamed that his court did not have a magician. Then, suddenly Tenali Raman came forward and bowed before the king and senior members. He challenged the magician, “I will do one item of magic with closed eyes. But you should do it with open eyes. Can you?” “Oh, it is quite simple. This fellow is doing it with closed eyes. I will not have any difficulty in doing it with open eyes!” the magician thought. He accepted the challenge.0e41f9af-7211-419e-a206-b131e05a71a3

Raman brought a spoonful of chilli powder. He closed his eyes and dropped the chilli powder into his closed eyes. He waited for two to three minutes. Later, he removed all the powder and opened his eyes. Then, he brought another spoonful of chilli powder and gave it to the magician. He asked him to perform the trick with open eyes. The magician found himself trapped. He expressed several excuses. But people booed him and made fun of him. The magician, unable to perform the act left the scene hurriedly. The King was extremely happy.

MORAL: Never be boastful.

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छोटे गुरु

- निलिमा भातखंडे

आपल्यापेक्षा आपला गुरु वयानं लहान आहे हे लक्षात ठेवून त्याचं शिष्यत्व पत्करायचं ते सुध्दा त्याचा गुरु बनून हे वाचायला काहीसं विचित्र वाटेल पण खरोखरच त्यात तथ्य आहे. ही छोटी मुलं आम्हा शिक्षकांची सतत परीक्षा घेतच असतात. या परीक्षेला अभ्यासक्रम नाही साचेबंद उत्तरं नाहीत आणि तयारी करायला वेळही नाही. सतत तयारीतच रहावं लागतं. वर्गात शिरल्यावर लुकलुकणारे डोळे आपल्याकडे बघतायत या विचाराने क्षणभर मी अस्वस्थ होते. माझ्या दष्टीने मुलांचे चेहरे व डोळे वाचता आले पाहिजेत. या बाबतीतही एक गंमत आहे ती म्हणजे प्रत्येक मूल हे स्वतंत्र व्यक्तिमत्त्व आहे. चेह-यावर दिसणा-या भाव-भावनांमागे बरंच काही दडलेलं आहे. कुठे तरी खट्याळपणा कुठे तरी अनेक प्रश्नांचा गोंधळ, बरंच काहीसं. एकदा हे चेहरे वाचायच तंत्र, त्यांचा मूड ओळखायच तंत्र अवगत झालं की या मुलांना शिकवण्यातला, त्यांच्यात मिसळून जाण्याचा आनंद काही औरच आहे.e80df413209f11ea6644fe77664c34ec--cute-ideas-good-ideas

या छोट्यांच्या अंगात गुण अगदी ठासून भरलेले असतात ते बाहेर येऊ द्यायची संधी मात्र आम्ही शिक्षकांनीच द्यायची, मी तर असे म्हणेन अशी एकही संधी वाया जाऊ द्यायची नाही, असा पक्का निश्चय करूनच अगदी टपून बसायचं या संधीवरूनच एक मजेशीर अनुभव लिहिण्याचा मोह टाळता येत नाही.

वर्गात नेहमीच मुलं सतरंजीवर व शिक्षिका कधी खुर्चीवर बरेचदा वर्गातच कुठेतरी मुलांच्यात बसलेली किंवा उभी असणं हा प्रकार खरं तर मुलांना व मला नेहमीचाच. कधी कधी हजेरी घेण्यासाठी काही लिहिण्यासाठी टेबलाजवळच्या खुर्चीवर बसत असे. काम झाल्यावर परत नेहमीप्रमाणे वर्गात वावरत असे. या मधल्या वेळात वर्गातील काही मुलं मी खुर्चीवर बसल्यापासून मी उठेपर्यंत अगदी बारकाईने माझ्या प्रत्येक हालचालींचं निरीक्षण करताना पाहिली मी खुर्चीवरून उठून वर्गात वावरताना माझी खुर्चीकडे पाठ वळली रे वळली कि निरखून बघणारी मंडळी अगदी पटकन धावत जाऊन त्या खुर्चीवर बसायची एकच चढाओढ लागायची. मग तिथे दुसरा वर्गच भरायचा. हे माझ्या लक्षात आलं, पण माझं लक्ष आहे हे लक्षात आल्यावर काहीश्या नाखुशीनंच तो ग्रुप बाजूला व्हायचा. त्यांच्या चेह-यावरची नाराजी मात्र माझ्या मनात घर करून राहिली. त्याच क्षणी उद्या या ग्रुपला खुर्ची जरा जास्त वेळ रिकामे करून देण्याचा विचार पक्का केला. ठरल्याप्रमाणे दुस-याच दिवशी तशी संधी दिली. त्यांच्याकडे छान दुर्लक्ष करून वर्गाच्या दुस-या टोकाला काहीतरी काम करत असल्याचा बहाणा करून एकंदर चाललेल्या नाट्याचा अनुभव घेतला. खुर्चीवर बसलेल्या छोट्याने चक्क वर्गाचा ताबाच घेतला, तर दुस-याने मी पण बसणारचं असा हट्ट करून त्याला उठवण्याचा असफल प्रयत्न करून शेवटी एका खुर्चीवर दोघांनी बसून पुढची सूत्रं हाती घेतली. एका खुर्चीवर दोघांनी बसून माझी नक्कल अगदी हुबेहुब करून इतरांचं लक्ष वेधून घेतलंच. वर्गातल्या बहुसंख्य मुलांनी त्याना साथ देऊन कितीतरी नकला करून दाखवल्या. याच खेळातून मग आमच्या मदतनीस बाईंची नक्कल करून त्यांची सर्व कामे आपसात वाटून घेऊन चक्क खाऊ खाण्याची जय्यत तयारी करून मला चकित करायचं म्हणून चूपचाप बसली. खुर्चीवरची मंडळी सुध्दा माझीच नक्कल करत रांगेतून फिरत होती. आता मात्र मी व माझ्या मदतनीस बाईं दोघींनीही वर्गात हस्तक्षेप करणं जरूर होतं. सगळी मुलं अगदी आनंदाने एका सुरात म्हणाली जिजी आज तुमचं काम आम्ही केलं, तुमची गंमत केली. यात अतिशयोक्ती अजिबात नाही. आम्ही सुध्दा अगदी भारावून गेलो. आमच्या मदतनीस बाईंना आम्ही सर्व व मुलं जिजी म्हणायचो. या प्रसंगी जिजींच्या चेह-यावरचा आनंद ओसंडून वहात होता. त्यांनाही गहिवरून आले. मुलांच्या चेह-यावरचा आनंद, आत्मविश्वास, सहचर्य, निरीक्षण, शिस्तपालन इ. अनेक चांगल्या गुणांची झलक क्षणात दिसली. बस या एकाच संधीचा फायदा घ्यायचा ठरवला. दुस-या दिवशी या प्रसंगाबद्दल गप्पा गोष्टी करायच्या ठरवलं. त्या प्रमाणे सुरुवातही झाली. मला हव्या त्या ट्रॅकवर गाडी आल्यावर मी प्रश्न विचारला, काल माझ्या खुर्चीवर कोण बसलं होतं? या प्रश्नाला ३/४ मुलांनी मी मी असं उत्तर दिलं आणि ते बरोबरही होतं तुम्ही माझ्या खुर्चीवर का बसलात? या प्रश्नावर मुलांची गाडी जरा अडखळली पण मी रागावणार नाही म्हटल्यावर त्यांनी जे उत्तर दिलं ते विचार करायला लावणार होतं. तुम्ही त्या खुर्चीवर बसता तुमचं आम्ही सगळं ऐकतो जिजिसुद्धा तुमचं ऐकतात. तुम्ही रागावता तरी सुद्धा अम्हाला तुमचं ऐकावच लागतं. तुमच्या खुर्चीत बसल्यावर बाकीची मुलं आमचं ऐकतात. आम्हाला तुम्ही व्हायला आवडतं. गंमत वाटते, म्हणून तुमच्या खुर्चीत बसायला आवडतं.

हा एक प्रसंग मला बरंच काही शिकवून गेला. मनाशी पक्कं ठरवलं त्यांच्यातल्या वळवळण्याच्या स्वभावाला भरपूर हालचाली करू द्यायच्या, जोडीला स्वावलंबन व शिस्त लावायची. पण मी हे करून घेणार आहे हे त्यांना समजू न देता मुलांचा उत्स्फूर्त प्रतिसाद मिळवायचा, यातूनच मग रोज वर्गातली जी नित्य बसायची कामं एकट्या मदतनिसावर न सोपवता मुलांना काम करायला प्रोत्साहन देऊन रोजच मुलं अगदी खुशीत सर्व करायला लागली. मस्ती, मारामारी थांबली. पण खुर्चीचं आकर्षण मात्र अजूनही कायम आहे. अजूनही मुलं माझ्या खुर्चीवर बसायला का धडपडतात हे अजूनही मला न उलगडलेलं कोडं आहे. किमान १०० डोळे आपल्याकडे बघतायत; कोणत्या कोप-यातून काय विचारलं जाईल याचा नेम नाही. याची जाणीव सतत होत राहिल्याने म्हणा किंवा गप्पागोष्टीतल्या प्रतिसादाच्या परिणामाचे दश्य स्वरूप असेल वर्गातली पट्टी हद्दपार झाली. अंतर्मुख होऊन स्वत:चंच निरीक्षण करण्याची सवय लागली.

या सगळ्या मागचं कारण एकच आपल्यापेक्षा लहान असलेले हे छोटे गुरु.

Science facts to share with friends and family

Aniruddha Vijay Mane - VII C- by Aniruddha Mane VII/C

bones-in-the-adult-human-body-skeleton1. Did you know that there are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are 300 in children (as they grow some of the bones fuse together).fleas_jump_toes_knees

2. Flea’s can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.

3. The most dangerous animal in the housefly-1world is the common housefly. Because of their habits of visiting animal waste, they transmit more diseases than any other animal.cc_iStock_18996432_LARGE_16x9

4.Snakes are true carnivorous because they eat nothing but other animals. They do not eat any type of plant material.

1280px-Andrias_japonicus_pair5. The world's largest amphibian is the giant salamander. It can grow up to 5 ft. in length.

6. 100 years ago: The first virus was found in both plants and animals.

7. 90 years ago: The Grand Canyon became a national monument & Cellophane is invented.

What Is The Large Hadron Collider?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world. It was built by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 Large_Hadron_Collider_dipole_magnets_IMG_0955in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.It lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 metres (574 ft) beneath the France–Switzerland border near Geneva, Switzerland. The aim of the LHC is to allow physicists to test the predictions The collider has four crossing points, around which are positioned seven detectors, each designed for certain kinds of research.The LHC's computing grid is a world record holder. Data from collisions was produced at an unprecedented rate for the time of first collisions, tens of petabytes per year.The LHC is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. The collider is contained in a circular tunnel, with a circumference of 27 kilometres (17 mi), at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 metres (164 to 574 ft) underground.

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Shriya Manoj Deshmukh - VII Cby Shriya Deshmukh – VII C

We all know that nothing is impossible in this world; however it is very difficult to achieve something in life without determination and will power. Strong will gives us power to go ahead and continue the tasks till we achieve success. The proverb ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ teaches us the same, that we must be determined towards our goal otherwise we will get failure. People having strong will are the ones who can do wonders in their life. Human will power is very powerful and it can defeat any difficulty and give ex­traordinary results. At first sight it may seem that many tasks are almost impossible to complete and people lacking will power get frightened away. Only few people have the necessary strength and will to reach their goal.strength

Along with having strong will, other things are also required, like discipline, continuity, dedication and patience. We have to persevere, get up early in the morning, and work more than the specified number of hours with full commitment. We just need to work continuously without postponing the things and waiting for the result. Don’t give an excuse or blame another person whenthings don’t work your way and never complain about your fate.

Some of the people get discouraged by a few failures as they lack the power of determination and patience to wait for the final results. We should take failure positively as it makes us strong and teaches us that we are doing somethingwrong or going in the wrong direction. Failures are stepping stones to success and we must continue hard work and never quit as there is no shortcut to success.


Aniruddha Sadanand Sawant - VII A- by Aniruddha Sadanand Sawant Std.-7th Div.-A

When we go home from school, most of the times we keep only one thing in our mind that we’ll finish our home work in 1 or 2 hours and enjoy till bed-time. But when our parents tell us to do so many things we get annoyed and we start giving excuses.

I am tired, I feel sleepy, my hand is paining due to continuous writing in school, this is too much work – I cannot do & so on. But remember if you want to be successful in your life then work hard, think in a different way and I am sure you can do something great because if there is a will, there is a way. If you really want to do something you will definitely find a way. If you don’t, then you will just find excuses.

If you look around then you will see that most of successful people were self motivated, helen-keller-9361967-1-402determined and had strong will 312px-Braille_closeuppower to sweep aside all obstacles in their path.

Helen Keller was left blind and deaf when she was 2 years old but she didn’t give up, she mastered many methods of communication including ‘Braille’ and became great.

Oscar Pistorious’s legs were amputated when he was eleven months old still he won many running competitions. He is also known as the ‘fastest man on no legs’ in South Oscar_Pistorius_in_Warsaw_(cropped)Africa. India’s Taranath Shenoy is a deaf and visually impaired swimmer cache_220_309_0_0_80_16777215_006863-1who is a Padmashree Awardee. Sudha_Chandran_dancingSudha Chandran is another example. She lost a leg due to gangrene following a road accident. She, however, went on to become an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer.

There are many such instances of people who have attained greatness inspite of being poor. Abraham Lincoln, Narendra Modi, Dr. Abdul Kalam and so on.


Success or failure in life depends entirely on the will of man.

In short ----

Where there is a will, there is a way.

There is potential in every day.

Make a decision to choose it,

Have courage to use it,

No matter what they say,

Your dreams can come to life

And your life can become a dream.